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Mobile Staging


We spent a long time deciding what the ideal power source for a smaller event is and eventually decided on the Honda EU65is inverter generator with an LPG conversion.


We were really keen to avoid the need to have a generator delivered to site by a hire company as this adds to the costs and organisation.  If you need power at 6am on the morning of a setup you will have to get the generator delivered the night before and that will mean added costs for security. Our generators fit in the back of an estate car or van and can be pushed around like a wheel barrow as they have a set of wheels.


For many small events a 20KVA diesel generator is far too large for the load that is being used and that means that the generator is not running efficiently. We have found that 6KW is plenty for a small event with a PA system and LED lighting and there is still plenty of capacity left for musicians.


Environmentally LPG is much better than diesel as it does not emit harmful particulates which can cause breathing difficulties . LPG produces less NOx (roughly 5 x less) and around 15% less CO2. If you have a diesel spill on a nice lawn then you will have to dig out the affected soil and make good, if the diesel gets into a water course then bad news for the ducks and fishes.


Cost wise, LPG does not attract Fuel Excise Duty like petrol and diesel (not red diesel though) and only attracts a VAT rate of 5%.


LPG is very safe and no fuel is exposed at any point unlike petrol when you fill a petrol generator tank (please don't do this when it is running!) Our dual bottle auto switchover system allows you to have two bottles connected and when one runs out you simply replace it with no interuption to supply. One 19KG bottle will last about 24 hours at 25% generator capacity.


The EU65is is very quiet at 89dB and being an inverter generator is perfect to power delicate electronics such as mixer desks, amplifiers, projectors, LASERs and LED walls. no surges or voltage drops here.


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