Mobile Staging
Mobile Staging

The SL50 trailer stage by Stageline

  • Plymouth based - ideal for events in Devon and Cornwall
  • Sturdy 6m wide by 5m deep platform at about 90cm high
  • Solid roof capable of carrying over 1000kg of lighting and sound kit
  • Sloping roof for better acoustic and onstage 'feel' for performers
  • Excellent sight lines, viewing angles of 180 degrees, excellent for crowded city centres
  • Speaker flying points at roof level on both sides (max 170kg a side)
  • Movable rigging bars for lighting etc
  • Plentiful branding and banner hanging locations
  • Low ground impact and no ground penetration required
  • Handrails back and sides for safety
  • Build time - under 2 hours from arrival on site
Stage Size 6M wide x 5m Deep
Stage Height 97cm ( depends on ground level)
Stage to Roof Height

Front 3.16m or 3.62m

Rear 2.97m

Stage floor loading 490kg/m2
Stage weight 1800kg 
PA rig point Max load 170KG per side
Roof loading capacity 1130kg
Build time  Under 2 hours (with one engineer)
SL50 Plans and dimensions
This document contains drawings and dimensions of the SL50
SL50 Drawings and Dimensions.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [968.7 KB]

Safety and Certification

  • The Stageline SL50 is CE approved and we can provide a Certified Engineer's Certificate
  • Approved for use in Westminster Borough by WBC Surveyor's Dept. who apply the strictest criteria to temporary structures of any local authority in the UK ( they OKed all the temporary structures for the 2012 Olympics )
  • Windspeeds of 50mph can be safely tolerated
  • Loading and rigging chart are provided
  • £5,000,000 of public liability cover
  • All technical equipment PAT tested and visiually inspected prior to use
  • Risk assessment carried out for each event and can be provided on request
  • LPG fuel ( Propane) does not spil so no risk of ground or water contamination and safer than petrol.


  • We care about our environmental footprint and seek to be as 'Green' as possible in everything we do.
  • The SL50 is constructed mostly from aluminium which is 100% recyclable
  • The stage is very strong but also very light ( upto 1000kg lighter than similar size stages) which means less fuel is used to tow it.
  • Our generators run on clean LPG (propane) so no harmful particulate produced and 5x less NOx than diesel
  • LED lighting and D class amplification use less power and less generator fuel.
  • The stage, equipment and crew all arrive in one vehicle reducing 'road miles and reducing your event 'carbon footprint'

How you could use our SL50 

Ok so it goes without saying that the stage can be used at an outdoor event and bands and DJ's can do their stuff. But what about some more novel uses for it? Contact us with your ideas.

  • Hybrid Stage and LED wall - we can hang a 6M wide 3M high LED wall with a 6M x 2.4M stage area to the front and a similar space behind for control and box storage. Great for events with occaisonal announcements or awards or Xmas lights switch on or even a daytime outdoor cinema.
  • Stage in a Big Top or Marquee - the sloping roof means that it fits closer to the tent edge walls so you lose less audience space. It also gives you all the rigging points you need for a line array and lighting.
  • Press/ Media platform - The stage is very stable and provides a sheltered but open location for on camera interviews. With a hard roof the stage is very quiet even in windy conditions.
  • Car display - a raised platform to display a vehicle with the ability to light it properly and hang video monitors. By removing the handrails and windwalls the view of the vehicle is almost unimpeded. Great for Motor Sport, County shows or out on the forecourt. The car would drive off a transporter onto the stage.
  • VIP platform - as a covered platform for a passing out parade or somewhere for some VIP's to sit to get a good view the SL50 is ideal, bright and airy, clean and tidy.
  • Art exhibit - need to display a large sculpture or other artwork outside that you want to light well but keep the public away from it? 
  • Front of house mixer position for festival.


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