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Live events opening up again summer 2021

With tentative steps being taken to reclaim the summer of 2021 back from the grasping nano tentacles of Covid we are looking forward to getting busy again.  We will continue to suspend our cancellation policy if the area where the event takes place has to re-enter a Covid lockdown which will take some of the risk of organising an event out of the equation. 


To further help with cashflow for you valiant event organisers we are only requiring a 10% deposit to secure a date.


Wide open spaces

This year we introduce our new deck extensions. We have 6 new panels giving over 17sq/M of extra space so well over a 50% increase in total area. An extra set of steps helps to make onstage logistics flow better which is essential for those quick festival turnarounds. We made a short animation to show the some of the configurations possible .




We have taken the enforced downtime during lockdown to listen to our customer base and restructure the business. Many of our customers are charities or community groups and not VAT registered so we have decided to move Outerstage out from under the Outersight (UK Ltd umbrella and treat it as a separate entity which is below the VAT registration threshold.  This will make no difference to our VAT registered customers but a huge difference to our other valued customers. Naturally you will get the same level of service from us. 



Covid 19

We are still  taking measures to protect staff and customers. 


Clean(er) Power 


We also have our 2 LPG generators if you need 6KW of quiet and efficient power without producing those pesky diesel particulates ( even the N95 and FFP3 masks don't filter all the diesel particulates, for details see:


Unit 34

HQ Building

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